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Our training programme and specialised training area allows us to provide you with the best.
Our training consists of: Additionally training programme:
 • Initial Training (Dress, Grooming, Time keeping & attendance)
 • Store procedures
 • Store requirements
 • Sales
 • Promotional
 • Product
 • Security
 • Customer Care
 • Cosmetics / Perfumery
 • Fashion
 • Furniture
 • Jewellery and Accessories
 • Toys
 • Executive Dining
 • Wine Waiting
 • Catering

Our potential candidates are tested at the end of the training session, so we can be fully confident that they all begin work with a knowledge of all products and procedures.

Managers frequently join our training sessions and are always happy with the outcome. Please contact us for further information.

Tel: +44 (0)20 7316 1865
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